Danie A Johnston


(Unofficial Role) Product Owner & Software Developer

November 2023 - Present

Northwestern Medicine: Chicago, Illinois, United States

In my role as Product Owner & Software Developer at Northwestern Medicine, I lead the SRE and API Management Teams, ensuring best practices and standardized procedures across the software development department. I train developers on Terraform, Bicep, YAML, and Classic Azure pipelines to maintain and create standardized Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and CI/CD pipelines. I created and maintain a YAML Template Library, promoting uniformity and efficiency in pipeline development across the organization. Additionally, I enabled code scanning across projects, ensuring adherence to development standards and best practices.

I oversee the management of three components within the API Management Team, providing secure API access for external vendors using OAuth 2.0 and role-based access. This involves utilizing Azure Entra for application registration and API permissions management, ensuring secure and efficient access control. I manage a web application portal for users to register and request application access, integrating an approval system for administrators. Furthermore, I develop and manage the Web API for database synchronization, role creation, and Application Registration management using the Graph API. Finally, I fully manage Azure API Management resources using Terraform, implementing XML-based policies to maintain system integrity and security.

Software Developer

September 2022 - November 2023

Northwestern Medicine: Chicago, Illinois, United States

As a Software Developer working in DevOps, my primary responsibility is monitoring and managing Azure environments to ensure optimal performance and uptime. This includes developing and managing CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps and related tools for deploying cloud infrastructure and applications. In addition to these tasks, I troubleshoot and debug issues related to Azure resources and applications, utilizing my expertise in the field to resolve problems as efficiently as possible.

Creating robust infrastructure as code is a critical part of my role, and I use tools like Bicep/Terraform to achieve this. For CI/CD pipelines, both those managed by myself and my team members, we use YAML to ensure efficient and standardized deployments.

I also play a role in training personnel on Azure DevOps tools and best practices to guarantee that the platform is utilized efficiently and effectively. As a result of my efforts, I ensure that Azure environments operate seamlessly, maintaining the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Associate Software Developer

January 2022 - September 2022

Northwestern Medicine: Carol Stream, Illinois, United States

As part of the Northwestern Medicine team, I leveraged newer Microsoft technologies to further our patient-first mission. A crucial part of this involved training personnel across the software development department in specific areas of DevOps, ensuring that our team members had the necessary skills and knowledge to develop high-quality software applications.

In addition to training personnel, I also worked to improve the efficacy of application pipelines and streamline the development process for projects within the software development department. This included identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions to improve the overall efficiency of our processes.

As a full-stack developer, I was able to contribute to projects within the department as needed, leveraging my expertise in front-end and back-end development to ensure that we delivered high-quality software applications that met the needs of our patients and healthcare providers.

Information Systems Intern

May 2021 - January 2022

Northwestern Medicine: Carol Stream, Illinois, United States

As a member of the Software Development Department, I developed solutions using a wide range of programming languages, including C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, PowerShell, Bash, Python, and YAML, among others.

One of my key achievements in this role was automating Azure DevOps pipelines for multiple projects, which allowed for faster and more efficient deployments across multiple environments. This involved collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify requirements, design pipeline architectures, and implement automated solutions.

I also had the opportunity to lead a team of interns in researching future technologies that could further Northwestern Medicine's patient-first mission. This involved defining research objectives, supervising the team's work, and presenting findings to key stakeholders in the department.

Information Systems Intern

May 2020 - August 2020

Northwestern Medicine: Carol Stream, Illinois, United States

As an intern in the Software Development Department at Northwestern Medicine (NM), I worked on a variety of projects and applications that aligned with the organization's patient-first mission. These applications provided me with the opportunity to use my programming skills as a full-stack developer, using languages such as C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, and HTML.

During my time at NM, I was also exposed to a variety of different software and frameworks, including Angular, Bootstrap, ASP.Net Core, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code, Git, Selenium, BrowserStack, Microsoft Unit Testing, and Power Automate. This allowed me to gain hands-on experience with some of the most popular tools and technologies used in the industry today.

As part of my internship, I learned about new processes like Agile Development and observed how a Scrum Master-driven team operates on a daily basis. I also had the opportunity to work closely with stakeholders, running demos and walkthroughs for them. Through these experiences, I gained a deeper understanding of the process of turning ideas into production-ready solutions.

Undergraduate TA Computer Science

January 2020 - May 2020

University of Illinois at Chicago: Chicago, Illinois, United States

As a computer science TA, I applied my knowledge of the subject to assist students in understanding course materials. I worked with individuals or small groups, providing guidance and answering questions to help them better comprehend the material.

In addition to tutoring, I also had the opportunity to work as a graduate TA, proctoring two computer science labs for the school's basic C++ class, CS 141. During the labs, I monitored student progress, answered questions, and provided guidance as needed.

Through my work as a tutor and TA, I was able to develop my skills as a communicator and a teacher, learning how to convey complex technical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. I enjoyed helping others succeed in their studies and was gratified to see the positive impact that my assistance had on their learning outcomes.

Facility Service Associate Part-Time

June 2018 - June 2019

Lowe's Companies, Inc.: Peoria, Illinois, United States

I was responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of all areas inside and outside the store, including bathrooms, break rooms, sprinklers, and parking lots. I regularly performed preventative and basic maintenance on all store equipment, ordered and installed parts necessary for repairs, and coordinated with contractors when needed. Additionally, I assisted customers on the sales floor when necessary.


July 2012 - July 2017

United States Military: Twenty-nine Palms, California, United States

Experienced TCCC Instructor and Navy Corpsman with five years in the United States Navy, working closely with the United States Marine Corps to provide exceptional medical support. As a TCCC Instructor, I successfully trained over 500 Marines in lifesaving medical techniques, equipping them with the skills to effectively treat combat-related wounds..

In addition to my instructional role, I transitioned to an administrative position where I utilized Excel and Word to ensure the medical readiness of Marines within my unit. Working in this administrative role, I meticulously managed medical records and certifications, guaranteeing that approximately 1800 personnel were fully prepared for deployments. This role required effective communication with higher-ranking personnel to execute successful medical stand-downs.

Moreover, I served as a combat field medic, delivering vital medical care to patients in a field clinic during overseas deployments. During this time I collaborated with medical teams in high-pressure environments to provide critical aid to local Iraqi civilians. These experiences provided me with a unique perspective, valuable maturity, and expertise that set me apart from others in my age group. Earlier in my career, I demonstrated strong leadership and supervisory skills, overseeing up to 40 Marines to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical training for overseas deployments.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with minor in Mathematics

December 2021 GPA:3.44

University of Illinois at Chicago: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Associate's degree in Science

May 2019 GPA:3.174

Illinois Central College: East Peoria, Illinois, United States


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